Terms & Conditions

 1. Prices

(1-a) All prices are GST inclusive (some products are GST free)
2. Orders
(2-a) An order must be received at least 2 days prior to the preferred delivery date.
(2-b) The customer shall not cancel or vary any order after 2 hours from the issue of invoice.  For placing an additional order the customer should notify us at least 2 days before delivery date.  In the event of any cancellation or variation the customer shall pay all costs to Bagelier.
3. Payment
(3-a) Bagelier accepts cash only.  
(3-b) All payment must be collected on delivery.   
4. Exchange of goods
(4-a) Bagelier will not accept any goods for return or credit.
5. Delivery
Bagelier shall make its best endeavours to meet quoted delivery dates, but in case of any delay due to matters beyond Bagelier's control quoted dates shall be extended accordingly.
6. Privacy 
(6-a) The personal information we collect from customers will be used for providing goods and services only, and will remain confidential within Bagelier.com.